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Wingback Chair

“I CANNOT GIVE A STRONGER recommendation to Wide Open. Anthony and his team firstly designed, developed and maintained our original website using their own Clickemart software. Their knowledge of web building is outstanding and they worked hard to find web solutions to fit the vision we had.

They listened to what we wanted and came back with brilliant ideas and a professional, clean and elegant website. We have seen an increase in sales due to the change to the Magento platform. Wide Open is not only incredibly knowledgeable but always available and willing to do what it takes to meet our needs. We could not have chosen a better team of professionals”

Mary MacManus, Lavender Hill Interiors


One of our most successful Ecommerce clients, Lavender Hill have had dramatic growth in the 36 months we have worked with them. They sell French themed furniture and interior accessories.

Classic Pitcher


From their original online only offering they have recently added a Sydney showroom. They outgrew their original Ecommerce website and we rebuilt it for them in Magento in late 2014 with an update and refresh in mid 2016.
They currently turnover $50k a month.


  • Ecommerce CMS website
  • Product and image upload
  • Montage and retouch interior images
  • Rebuild Magento website for responsive state
  • Move to Magento high volume server
  • Enews marketing templates

The Magento rebuild has allowed Lavender Hill to dramatically increase sales and raise conversions. We had already identified through site analytics that 60% of site visitors were on portable devices. By adding a responsive state (that allows the site to automatically reformat) this allowed customers to complete transactions on mobile phones and tablets, which had not been possible on the earlier site.

Stone Pitcher

“WIDE OPEN HAVE IMPRESSED US with their thoroughly professional technical and creative expertise. Together we have built a website that looks great and performs perfectly. We are so appreciative of their unfailing enthusiasm and support for our objectives, not to mention their patience as we learn to manage our flash new website. We are delighted to have found a company that listens to our concerns and responds to them promptly and thoughtfully. Although EndoActive is relatively new to the scene, we can relax knowing that Anthony’s experienced team is on board anticipating challenges and offering solutions”

Lesley Freedman, Co-Founder, Endoactive Australia & NZ


ENDOACTIVE are a medical charity run by mother and daughter Lesley and Syl Freedman. They help women and girls with Endometriosis, empowering them with knowledge and information. Both are passionate about raising awareness of Endo and providing evidence-based information.

Syl was diagnosed with Endo at age 21 but suffered the symptoms from age 11. Syl’s Mum, Lesley, is continually gathering evidence-based research about this disease. Together, they want to change things so that women with Endo, and their families, don’t have to experience the frustration and upset over a lack of information, that they had to endure.

Syl Freedman


Wide Open were engaged to rebuild and reconfigure the website as a major marketing tool for their already strong 7000 member facebook community. We built an ecommerce area to market and sell conference DVDs and a pay to view Vimeo streaming channel for individual programs and also included free content.


  • Ecommerce CMS website
  • Vimeo pay to view channel including free content
  • Design of product and image pages
  • Marketing copy
  • WordPress and woo commerce
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Enews marketing templates
  • SEO and blog posts
  • Alliance partner strategy


We also brokered strategic alliance deals with supporters like minimink who were prepared to offer a percentage of online sales revenue or annual donations for a presence and link on the site.

Lesley Freedman


Sydney Strata Reports are a new online presence selling pre-purchase Strata Reports for residential and commercial property. We designed and branded their new store adding the ability to order and prepay online for a new strata report.

They also have a catalogue of recently completed reports available for immediate purchase and download. Based in Sydney’s northern beaches but servicing all of metropolitan Sydney, we wish Kate and her team success with her new venture.

Kate Warner-Smith, Owner


  • Ecommerce CMS website
  • Business cards and branding
  • Design of product and image pages
  • Marketing copy
  • WordPress and woo commerce
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Enews marketing templates
  • SEO and blog posts

Kate’s blog on all things strata was setup to help launch the site and get it to the magical page one on google.
Utilising our Social and SEO package which allows direct posting to facebook, Twitter and linked in from the blog.

Mobile Website


Success. Page One on google. And the good news, we made it happen in only 2 months. It takes a great domain name, a site blog with at least 2 targeted posts a month and an active Facebook page, all these combine = marketing dynamite.

ABESHOW Print Advertising and Marketing


ABESHOW is an opportunity for the Broadcast Industry to meet and present the latest solutions that empower the production and delivery of broadcasting content. The ABESHOW Conference and Workshops are held every 2 years, in 2016 it moved to Doltone House, Darling Island, Pyrmont.


  • ABESHOW Branding for web, print, signage
  • Ecommerce CMS ticketing website
  • Design of product and image pages
  • Marketing copy
  • WordPress and woo commerce
  • Responsive design for mobile
  • Print media advertising


Wide Open built the website with integrated ticket sales using WordPress and woocommerce. We also produced print marketing materials and conference schedules for Broadcast industry magazines. The cost of building the ecommerce site was easily offset by the ticket sales and the booking module can be re-tasked for other events for the exhibition company.

Aspera at ABESHOW
Doltone House
Quinto at ABESHOW


Tucker Newton arrived on the scene in mid 2015. A unique offering of sustainable luxury products, sourced and manufactured in the countries and communities that the materials originated from. Luxury without guilt.

On the back of success with her pop-up stores Fe Tucker was very willing to let us guide her through the process of setting up an online business. We integrated facebook and twitter and included an auto posting blog (post on the site blog and it posts to facebook and twitter automatically).


  • Ecommerce CMS website
  • Design product and image pages
  • Advise on marketing copy
  • Build in WordPress and woo commerce
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Enews marketing templates

Google changed its search algorithms in mid 2015. This meant sites that had no mobile state would no longer be indexed by the google search bots. Typically over 70% of site visitors are now using portable devices. By adding a responsive state at the outset gives the site a better chance of ranking organically.

Cashmere poncho
Travel slippers Travel slippers


Since 2001 Danish By Design has been the proud distributor of many Scandanavian brands and has some serious celebrity clientele, including Nicole Kidman, Rebecca Twigley (Judd), Mel B and Megan Gale.

Gillian Rose, owner of Danish by Design


Wide Open updated this new Danish By Design site in 2015. It is designed and built using woo commerce and WordPress 4.

Danish By Design are the sole Australian importers of all the products on the site. The website was built to work as a information resource for customers as well as an online store.


  • Ecommerce CMS website
  • Product and image upload
  • Shipping calculation module for heavy items
  • Enews marketing templates

The site accounts for around 30% of the company’s annual turnover.


This version of the Danish By Design site also has a responsive layout. Meaning that customers on tablets and phones were no longer excluded from being able to browse and purchase easily. Google also prioritises responsive sites in search results.

Stig Leander, designer


Danish By Design import and sell the remarkable Leander Cot. Different from any other cot on the market, it has been designed with a child’s perspective in mind, and the result is a stunning looking baby cot which can convert into a junior bed for the older child.

Nigel and Gillian Rose with family

“OUR ECOMMERCE WEBSITE CMS software offers easy editing, page management, and plenty of customisation. We are really happy with the result, already processing orders off the site, and have really appreciated the expertise of Wide Open in getting us to this stage.

The key for me in the development phase was the support of the Wide Open team. They were fantastic and were very patient with us, quite apart from their technical expertise. It’s comforting to know you have support there when and if you need to ask.”

Nigel Rose, Director, Danish by Design    


Minimink are one of Wide Open’s oldest clients. We have built their websites for Australia and NZ, USA and Europe, marketing their faux fur products. The first site we built for them went live in 2007.

Ally Schulz, Owner


Minimink have a loyal following but sales track the cold weather. Sales campaigns for the Northern Hemisphere are ramped up in their Autumn and similarly in the Southern hemisphere for ours.


  • Ecommerce CMS website
  • Design product and image layout
  • Shipping calculation module
  • Enews marketing templates
  • Social Marketing and SEO
  • Strategic alliances


We have recently introduced Minimink to our client Endoactive. Ally is very keen to support their work in demystifying the debilitating condition, Endometriosis. By creating Endoactive products on the site she donates a percentage of sales to the charity.


One of the great things about faux fur is that even when it is bulky, it doesn’t weigh a lot, allowing fixed price shipping on many items.

“WIDE OPEN BUILT our original online store and now we have three eCommerce websites with them. The Site Manager makes updates fast and easy. The integrated eNews makes customer contact a simple process”

Ally Schulz, Director, (minimink) Australia