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Wide Open would like to give a huge congratulations to EndoActive for winning an award at this year’s prestigious Prime Awards ceremony, held on September 15.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to explain a little about what EndoActive do and why their work is so valuable.

EndoActive is a not-for-profit health promotion charity committed to raising awareness of Endometriosis and advocating for women and girls who suffer from it.

The charity was founded in September 2014 by mother and daughter Lesley and Syl Freedman. They decided to change things so that women with Endo, and their families, didn’t have to experience the same frustration and lack of information they did.

Lesley and Syl have achieved incredible results. In August 2014 they launched a petition on change.org calling for Bayer to make the Endo treatment drug Visanne available in Australia, following extensive research and consultation with experts.

The petition accrued 74,500 signatures and the drug was released in March 2015. Lesley and Syl ran a conference on Endometriosis in 2015 (which they filmed and turned into a DVD) and have an active presence on social media, as well as the media more broadly.

Wide Open are proud to work with EndoActive, and to play a part in building their brand and spreading awareness. Below is a list of some of the things we’ve done to help.

Website creation

EndoActive’s website needed to be colourful, easy to navigate and look great – particularly on mobile, given a high portion of EndoActive supporters heavily engage with content on portable devices. Take a look at the website.

Building a pay-per-view Vimeo channel

EndoActive produced Shared Perspectives, a unique documentary and educational DVD resource on Endometriosis for people with Endo as well as health care professionals treating them. We built a pay-per-view Vimeo page where anybody can easily download or stream the film. There are also segments of it available to watch for free.

Integrated social media and website campaigns

Before creation of the website, many quality detailed posts written by Lesley, Syl and other EndoActive contributors were only published on the charity’s Facebook page. We gave them a home on the website. We also fully integrated social media in the publishing process, adding the ability for Lesley and Syl to easy post content to any social platform without having to leave WordPress.

Connecting affiliate brands

Whenever possible we love to connect our clients in meaningful ways. tucker newton, who sell sustainable handmade fashion and homeware, generously agreed to donate 10% of all their purchases to EndoActive until the end of July.

Wide Open Media believes in supporting charities and valuable causes. We also work with the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Oesophageal Atresia Research Association.