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IGNORE If your site is already opening with https (like this one) and read if it is http.

Once Google’s updated web browser Chrome 68 is released in July, all websites that do not have an SSL certificate to be marked as “not secure”.

How does this impact your business?

Web security has always been important and through the updated Chrome browser, Google aims to create a safer environment on the web. How? By flagging Not Secure websites. This could definitely have a negative impact on your business.

1. Customers will be wary about transacting on a website that’s unsafe. Google Chrome 68 will now flag websites as Not Secure if they’re not encrypted. With a Not Secure site, visitors, sales, sign ups, purchases and business could all drop.

2. Google will start prioritizing websites that are secure at the top of the search engine results page. Therefore, websites that are not secure will rank lower and your customers will have a hard time looking for your website.

This might cost you your visitors and customers. As a solution, you can enable HTTPS on your website by using an SSL certificate.

How can you make your website secure?

A digital SSL certificate  (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. With SSL, your website is secure as information is encrypted, preventing access to hackers.

Immediate Solution

Wide Open will be offering SSL certificate (With Installation) at a very affordable price to help prevent Google from flagging your website as unsecured.

The SSL certificate will:

  • Encrypt your website traffic to help keep it safe
  • Boost your site’s credibility and gain visitors’ trust
  • Avoid negative impacts on your SEO ranking

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