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A good infographic is worth 1000 words.

INFOGRAPHIC noun. A visual representation of information or data, e.g. as a chart or diagram.

Infographics help to make complex information eye catching, shareable and easily digestible. Additionally, they play a vital role in the world of visual marketing. Encapsulating complex concepts into an easily digestible infographic helps to engage viewers, clients, and potential buyers.

Infographics are highly useful for presenting results gathered from survey data. Statistics and numbers can overwhelm a lot of audiences, and therefore lose much of their significance. When organised in an infographic it becomes much easier to quickly draw meaning from data.

Had this information been presented in a spreadsheet it would have been much less impactful and not as easily understood upon first glance. Below are some examples of infographics we have created around telecommunications and internet usage.

Client: NSW Telco (NSW Government)

web use

Client: Search and Social, Sydney

Short video explainers, the animated infographic.

How to simplify a complex world, with complex ideas, concepts, and issues.
Creatively designed infographics can work as an alternative to using the lengthy descriptions or spoken language.

Simple flat image infographics are popular we have all seen them, they allow the user to follow and soak up the graphical information in an easily digestible manner. We have taken things a little bit further by creating video infographics. These combine animated storytelling, visual text, and music to make complex concepts understandable, memorable and to highlight certain points.

Show how your product works.

Explain how your product can save users money, what it can replace and how easy it is to use.

Client: Paragon Risk Management

Engage viewers online.

Animated infographics are a great way to engage viewers online. Sound is not necessary so they work well in social media applications and they can be edited to appropriate lengths for different audiences.

Integrated into publications.

Using infographics can enhance a reader’s engagement. There’s the quick glance take away, then the lingering read to fully digest the content. It’s a popular approach often used in Annual Reports.

Below are some examples of infographics that are designed to be integrated into publications but also work as stand-alone.

Client: Murray Valley Meat

Client: Ryde Family Sevices

Need help saving words?

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