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Cavi Developments are NSW based residential property developers. Their projects are all bespoke Australian coastal developments.

Wide Open created a brand identity that immerses buyers in the environmental aspects of seaside urban living with engaging full screen images.

A flexible, responsive website was created which allowed each project to have its own identity reflected.

At Wide Open we have extensive experience branding and marketing property from smaller 10 unit developments, up to larger 60 unit sites.

We can become involved at any stage but our preferred methodology is to be involved at the DA level.

This way we can help generate site signage, online and print marketing, so the project can hit the market ready to take buyer enquiries with a fully formed strategy in place. We were involved from the DA level for both Watermark and Horizon developments at The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast.



  • Branding with new logo
  • Launch website
  • Montage and retouch existing interior images
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • Link to development websites


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