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Branding any new company provides an interesting set of challenges. Cayman Australia, are designers and manufacturers of inflatable and solid hull recreational boats.

They are entering an established market, however the design quality of their products are a standout at their price point. The first part of the process was to name the company. This involved research of competing brands, pricing, features and promotional strategies.

After exhaustive research at marinas, boatyards and online, Wide Open developed the brand in close collaboration with the owners.

Once the name was established the brand development, including sub-brands, was applied in a range of materials and collateral. This included welded PVC transfers that can be applied to inflatable hulls and a responsive website that would link to dealers selling the boats in NSW and Queensland.



  • Branding with new name and logo
  • Extend brand to 3 variations
  • Launch brand website
  • Provide specification for branding boats


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