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One of the largest meat suppliers in NSW Murray Valley Meat now find themselves competing directly with the large supermarkets.

Murray Valley Meat is a family run business, almost a century old. They own and run abattoirs, pasture fed meat, feedlots, a large meat supply chain and retail outlets. However they are not well known apart from the butchers they supply. This branding project was to increase awareness of Murray Valley Meat by developing a stronger market presence in the meat industry.

Part of this process was to provide butchers with the methods, tools and recipes to differentiate themselves from their major competitors, adding value to their business. This would allow independent butchers to develop a series of ready to cook dishes that would compete favourably with the larger chains and supermarkets.




  • Rebranding with logo update
  • Launch website
  • Montage and retouch marketing images
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • Retail marketing materials
  • Brand profile documents

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