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Zinc Apartments Website


Cavi Developments newest project, Zinc Apartments is a bespoke residential development comprised of 19 soon-to-be-built apartments situated in a beautiful North Wollongong location.

Zinc Apartments engaged us to produce traditional marketing materials such as signage and marketing books a swell as a project website. We wrote all the marketing copy for web and print while our affiliate Search and Social Sydney, launched a social media campaign promoting the development and its website.

The website and social media accounts were launched at the same time, with marketing messaging to promote the apartments and the surrounding beachside neighbourhood of North Wollongong.



    • Project Branding and signage
    • Copywriting and site written content
    • Promotional website to attract presales
    • Marketing book design & copywriting
    • SEO and integration of social media


Yvonne Haber Website


Yvonne Haber approached us to rebrand her Sydney architectural practice. Her main promotional tool, the website
was over 10 years old and no longer presented the projects in a contemporary gallery view. The brief was to replace the type of articles that were once published in Sydney Morning Herald’s Domain providing a strong visual online presence.


“I turn your lifestyle requirements into spatial relationships.”

We went through a large archive of project images and selected those we felt best represented her contemporary work, as well as giving a good coverage of some of the older projects. We then set about updating her social media presence allowing easy publishing to facebook and instagram, with an organised posting schedule.


    • New website promoting 15 years of projects
    • Copywriting and site written content
    • Select best documented projects
    • SEO and integration of social media

Yvonne’s “brand” is her approach to spatial design which has been well documented well by her photographer.

Yvonne Haber Mobile Website

Cavi Branding

Cavi Website

Cavi Stationery


Cavi Developments are NSW based residential property developers. Their projects are all bespoke Australian coastal developments.

Wide Open created a brand identity that immerses buyers in the environmental aspects of seaside urban living with engaging full screen images.

A flexible, responsive website was created which allowed each project to have it’s own identity reflected.


  • Branding with new logo
  • Launch website
  • Montage and retouch existing interior images
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • Link to development websites

At Wide Open we have extensive experience branding and marketing property from smaller 10 unit developments, up to larger 60 unit sites.

We can become involved at any stage but our preferred methodology is to be involved at the DA level.

This way we can help generate site signage, online and print marketing, so the project can hit the market ready to take buyer enquiries with a fully formed strategy in place. We were involved from the DA level for both Watermark and Horizon developments at The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast.

Cavi Mobile Website

Bathers Residences Website

Bathers Residences Mobile Website


A six apartment luxury development at Merewether Beach in Newcastle, NSW, Bathers is situated on a stunning waterfront site. Wide Open were contracted to position this property in a suitable market.

The property was branded inline with the market we were targeting and a simple online presence was established.


  • Branding with logo
  • Launch website utilising local imagery and digital renders
  • Montage and retouch existing interior images
  • Copywriting and online campaign development
  • High profile campaign on restricted budget

The marketing campaign saw all six apartments sell off the plan within 2 weeks of launch.

Bathers Residences Branding

Elixir Brand

Elixir Website

Walking Map

Marketing Flyer


Elixir Apartments are located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. This style of development has a much lower priced entry point than Sydney for a similar location. Wide Open were commissioned by First National Property Marketing to develop sales material to sell Elixir into the Sydney investor market.

We extended and updated the branding and marketing collateral to include a free-standing modular display, marketing flyers and press advertisements.


  • Updating and extending branded marketing material
  • Modular portable display
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • Marketing flyers

Copywriting for the project included presenting the proximity to the Brisbane CBD, local assets and affordable price point, with good rental return.


Modular Display

Location Map

Horizon Branding

Horizon Website

Horizon Mobile Website


Horizon is a residential development of 56 apartments in a beachfront position at The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast. Wide Open were commissioned to brand the project and develop online strategy and print collateral to attract off the plan sales.

Liaising with the project architects we supplied reference materials to guide them in rendering the interior and exterior views.

We created a full site wrap to locate the development for potential buyers and developed a Chinese language website and marketing campaign to complement the English language version. We mapped strategy and media placement for a 24 month campaign with regular reviews.


  • Naming and branding project
  • Commissioning local photographer
  • Launch project website in English and Chinese
  • Provide interior rendering direction
  • Create 32 page marketing book
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • Booking Chinese media placement

Our campaign and strategy for this development was based around the highly successful Watermark Development from 2 years previous, which sold out in only 18 months.

Marketing Booklet

Marketing Booklet

Horizon Site Wrap

Newcastle Herald Advert


Spire Apartments start from the equivalent of 7 storeys high. Spire’s upper level apartments boast uninterrupted panoramic views of the city, harbour and beaches and even the first level of apartments enjoy elevated views.

This development of 106 apartments is being constructed on top of an existing shopping centre, a unique development in Newcastle.

Wide Open were commissioned to reinvigorate the project marketing as sales had stalled. We updated the branding, developed a new website, with a version targeted at Asian buyers and advertised in Sydney Chinese Property Weekly. With the Asian buyer’s version we promoted Spire’s proximity to  The University of Newcastle’s new business and law faculty New Space.

With sales at 70% a builder was appointed and construction has now begun.


  • Updating marketing material
  • New website (2 versions)
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • Marketing flyers


Chinese Print Media

Asian Buyers Website

Kings Domain Display


Kings Domain Display



Kings Domain was 80% sold before they even had a website. Wide Open were engaged to promote this very striking Melbourne tower that boasts a private “residence’s club” into the Sydney investor market. We developed modular displays that could be used in travelling sales promotions.


  • Design modular display
  • Coordinate output and printing
  • Updated montage of images and logo
  • Copywriting for display

Kings Domain has been sold out prior to construction.

Kings Domain Website


Watermark Branding

Watermark Site Signage

Watermark Website


A 42 apartment development at The Entrance, NSW, Watermark is situated on a stunning waterfront site. Wide Open were contracted to takeover the marketing of this property due to lacklustre sales. There was a nominated 36 month timeframe to sell all apartments.

The property was rebranded inline with the market we were targeting and an extensive online campaign was generated including a short marketing video which was aired on Sky.

Print advertising was taken out in Chinese media, translated to promote aspects of the development that would appeal to Asian buyers. The campaign’s success was self evident, all apartments sold within 18 months with a $32m return.


  • Rebranding with logo update
  • Launch website utilising video and local imagery
  • Embedded video marketing
  • Montage and retouch existing interior images
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • High profile campaign on restricted budget


  • New website and print media sees huge increase in traffic and enquiries
  • Capturing Asian market with placed media extends the campaign life
  • Project 100% sold $32m in 18 months (36 months allocated)

The success of this campaign was the foundation for our next project at The Entrance, Horizon Apartments.

Marketing Brochure

Print Advertising

Frasers Aust/NZ Website

Frasers Marketing Video

Lumiere Website



Wide Open have worked on a number of Frasers Property projects. We helped launch Frasers Lumiere project at Town Hall in Sydney, creating print web campaigns as well as elevator video marketing.


  • Rebranding with logo update
  • Launch project website
  • Embedded video marketing
  • Montage and retouch existing interior images
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • Travelling exhibition design

The property was also promoted in Asia and Europe with a travelling portable exhibition we were commissioned to design.

Lumiere Modular Display

Lumiere Marketing Book

Lumiere Print Advertising