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The resurrection of INTERZONE

INTERZONE was built in 2012 for a specific exhibition at UTS Gallery in Sydney. The site had languished and not been updated since then. It went dark but we were able to get the data for it back via the Internet Wayback Machine.

Once we had this the site rebuilt it with a shiny new 2018 look and feel, mobile friendly with the all-important SSL (https) that Google has decided we all need. It took about one and a half working days for one person to do all this including setting up hosting. More about the INTERZONE artists below.

Damian Dillon and Rebecca Shanahan exhibit together as Interzone. Their first self-titled joint exhibition was at Eastern Bloc Gallery and their second, ‘Homelands’, was at UTS Gallery, both Sydney 2012. ‘Homelands’ was subsequently exhibited at Kings Artist Run in Melbourne later that year. ‘Dead Air’ was shown at MOP Projects in April 2014 and will be at The Substation Centre for Art and Culture in July 2014.

Full disclosure, we did design the catalogue for the exhibition which can be viewed here and if you really like it purchased here

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