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Wide Open has a long history in working with property developers, creating excellent branding, creative and digital results for their projects. It’s something we love doing and an area we have a great deal of experience working in.

Different clients, different start times  

Wide Open has worked on many differently sized development projects over the years, from small to very large. One of our clients sold a development with six apartments. Another sold one with over 100, to name only a couple of examples.

We’ve provided branding, strategy and marketing solutions for developments that have been built in cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle. We can become involved at any stage, though our preferred methodology is to be involved at the DA level.

Our clients have included Cavi Developments, Bathers Residences, Elixir Apartments, Horizon Apartments, Spire Apartments, Kings Domain Melbourne, Frasers Property and Watermark Apartments.

Sometimes we’ve been brought on board to reinvigorate a project’s marketing after sales have stalled. Other times we’ve been there right from the start, liaising with architects and guiding them in rendering interior and exterior views.

Our skills and services 

The skills and services we provide include:

  • Branding/rebranding/updating branded marketing material
  • Creating responsive, beautiful looking, easy-to-use websites
  • Social media and search engine optimisation management
  • Copywriting and press campaign development
  • Modular portable displays
  • Marketing books, fliers and pamphlets
  • Scripting and producing corporate videos
  • Coordinating output and printing
  • Lots more – if you’re curious, ask us!

Visit our property portfolio page for a detailed list of our clients and the services we provide.